5 Great Ideas to Help Sell your Vacant Lot or Land in Boulder, Colorado

Do you own undeveloped land or a vacant lot in or near Boulder County? Have you been thinking about selling it but wanted to do it yourself without having to pay all those Realtor fees? If you have been, you’ve probably also been thinking about the best way to stand out against all the other people selling land and lots in the Boulder area. Keep reading to learn 5 creative ideas that will help your land stand out online in a crowded Boulder market.

The reality is that there is stiff competition in Colorado when it comes to selling undeveloped land. If you do not want to wait months to get noticed, you are going to need a plan of action to help stand out from the crowd. You want people to notice and remember your property. What follows are five things you can do to get you well on your way to attracting the attention you need to sell your vacant lot or land in Boulder.

Step #1: Have a Quality Website Built to Advertise Your Land

You are going to need to do more than just make a basic post and share it on craigslist, etc. You need to stand out and the best way to do that is with your own website that exclusively shows your land. You can make a mobile-friendly site that is packed with pictures, information, geological reports, location details, and more. You do not have to spend a lot to get a website that can do this.

Step #2: Advertise on Social Media

The power of social media cannot be denied. Why not put it to work for you? Make posts for your land on the big sites where your friends are who can and will share your posts to help get the word out for you. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are just a few options to consider. This can be one of the best ways to quickly get your property in front of a bunch of potential buyers.

Step #3: Do Not Forget to Have Fun!

Yes, selling undeveloped land may indeed come off a bit boring. Why not change this by putting some creativity to work in how you market your property? Does it have a unique history or beautiful view? Is it close to a new development site or ideally located between multiple spots? Is there something famous nearby? The idea is to get a fun hook into the minds of your potential buyers that will make them talk more about the property.

Step #4: Make A Silly Headline

What if instead of making listings with your property’s location and asking price in the headline, you instead made a joke by offering something other than land. Make it ridiculous like “Historically Significant Sandwich.” Once people click on your link and you let them in on the gag, you’ll have created the kind of positive interest that will make them consider your property.

Step 5: Take Video of Your Land

YouTube videos are a great way to get the word out about your undeveloped land as potential buyers have become accustomed to finding videos from landowners giving virtual tours. Taking advantage of this by adding your own video will undoubtedly generate more interest in your land as well as give you a link you can embed on your website and social media posts to quickly add a video to them.

As you can see, one of the best things you can do is think outside of the box in your approach to sell your undeveloped land or vacant lot in Boulder. Alternatively, you can get creative with how you approach selling your land by considering options you maybe have not already. For example, we here at Boulder Home Buyers also buy undeveloped land. We pay cash upfront, so you can avoid the wait and fees associated with other potential buyers. What’s more, we finance our own purchases, so there is no need to wait for a bank. If you want to know how much Boulder Home Buyers would pay for your vacant lot or land in Boulder, fill out this form or call our office at 303-442-0505 today.

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