Boulder Rental House Trashed By Tenants

“I Need Help! My Boulder Rental House was Totally Trashed by My Last Tenants.”

If you’ve ever had a tenant trash your Boulder area rental property, then you need to read this article, which addresses this incredibly common problem. Landlords are constantly contacting us asking, “Can you help? My tenants left my Boulder rental house totally trashed and I’m finally sick and tired of being a landlord!”

Can you relate to this? Even if the house isn’t totally trashed, it’s still a problem when you find that your tenants have left the property in a huge mess. Unfortunately, this is something most landlords have had to deal with at least once over the years. If you have ever entered your Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, or Lafayette area rental property after a tenant moved out and said, “I need help! My Boulder house was trashed by the tenants,” then here are a few things to consider:

Should you try making the tenant pay for the damage?

Before doing anything else, you need to evaluate the extent of the damage and decide if it’s worth it to try making the tenant pay for what they damaged. Unfortunately, this can turn into a very time-consuming effort, and it won’t be cheap. But if the damage is going to cost you an arm and a leg to repair, you may have no choice but to go this route.

Is the damage worth the cost of repairing?

From dead landscaping to missing appliances – we’ve seen it all. Sometimes a few plants and a new microwave will solve the problem, which means you can easily handle it yourself. But if the damage is so extensive that it really isn’t worth the time, effort, and expense of repairing it, you may want to consider the following options: 

A handyman might love renting your house.

If you could find a handyman to rent your house and do repairs in exchange for less or even free rent, that might be the perfect solution. You would need to make sure that they have the required skills and tools to do the work. Your rental agreement could spell out what repairs need to be done and the timeline for completion. Once your property is back in good condition, you can either keep the handyman as a tenant at the prevailing rent or find someone new to move in.

You may choose to sell the house.

If you really are sick and tired of being a landlord, your best option may be to sell the house. Realistically, if you try selling it on the open market you will likely have to do all the repairs before an agent will even agree to list it. A better option might be to sell it to an all-cash buyer who will buy your house as is and fix it up themselves. Our company buys homes in Boulder, making all-cash offers to homeowners who are ready to sell. We buy homes no matter what condition they are in and do all the repairs ourselves.  

Please contact us for a fair cash offer on your property. We do not care how many repairs it needs. We will give you an all-cash no-obligation offer with a quick closing date. Click here to complete the form or call us at (303) 442-0505.

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