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Here’s Why So Many Homeowners in Boulder, Colorado Prefer to Sell to Boulder Home Buyers

Do you own a house in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, or Lafayette Colorado that you’ve been curious about selling for cash? Wanted to know more but haven’t been sure who to ask? We’ll go over our process here at Boulder Home Buyers for buying houses in Boulder, Colorado “as-is” for a fair cash price to help answer some of the big questions you are likely to have. Keep reading to learn more.

Boulder Home Buyers has built a reputation of reliability with homeowners in the Boulder area by offering a fair price in cash for houses in any state of repair with the ability to close in as little as seven days. We offer one of the most hassle-free and efficient ways to turn a property that has become a time-sink or financial burden into cash in your pocket in about a week. To get a no-obligation offer in about 24 hours, just call our office at 303-442-0505 or fill out the short form on this page.

The Top Advantages of Selling to a Professional Home Buying Company like Boulder Home Buyers

When selling a house in Boulder, you have options. The local real estate market will always give you the top dollar for your property, but it also requires making all the needed repairs, hiring and working with a likely expensive realtor, and waiting for 3 – 6 months before ever seeing any sort of return on this work. All the while, you are still paying the upkeep, mortgage, taxes, and other associated financial obligations that come with the property. You can avoid all of that by selling to Boulder Home Buyers.

Here are a few more details on the top benefits of working with Boulder Home Buyers to sell your property in Boulder, Colorado:

  • Selling to us is the most hassle-free option you have. We buy houses “as-is.” That means that you don’t have to do anything except sign the paper and take the money. No need to fix anything or deal with any issue. We will do all of it. What’s more, it only takes 24 hours to find out what we could offer and there is no obligation. You simply like the offer and accept it, or don’t and walk away – that simple!
  • No lending bank or 3rd party is issuing a loan to complicate things. One of the biggest hassles when selling your house on the local real estate market is that your buyer is likely dependent upon a bank or other lender to complete the sale. This does a few things, including delaying the process from 20-60 days as well as possibly derailing it all together after you thought you had an agreement.
  • We can close in about a week compared to the 3 – 6 months it takes on the local market. One of the biggest advantages of selling to Boulder Home Buyers is that we allow you an option to get out from under an unwanted property far more quickly than any other option. Give us about a day to get you an offer once we receive your information. Once you accept, we’ll be ready to close in about a week and will even let you pick the closing date that works best for you. Once more, we’ll cover all the closing costs.

Call Boulder Home Buyers at 303-442-0505 Today to get a Fast, Fair, All-Cash, No-Obligation Offer on Your House in Boulder, Colorado

Whether your motivation is avoiding the months-long wait, being able to sell the house  “as-is” without first making repairs, or simply skipping the headache of a realtor and showing the property over and over, Boulder Home Buyers may be the best option for your situation. Click or call today to get a no-obligation offer in about a day.

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